Preferred Partners


Shocklogic offers an extensive suite of online event management technology solutions and services for registration, badging, scanning, apps, websites, and much more. 

Select Event Solutions

Specializing in venue procurement, Select Event Solutions provides our clients with the perfect location for their events, whether around the corner or across the globe.  

ABBIT Meeting Innovators

ABBIT is at the leading edge of the new Multi-Hub meetings format, which virtually connects several meetings in different locations in a high-tech and dynamic way so it feels like one engaging meeting. 

Copper Productions

Copper specializes in bespoke creative video content, and creates engaging videos for our clients' awards ceremonies, event marketing, and streaming content.

Smoke & Salt

Smoke & Salt pairs modern dining with ancient cooking techniques including smoked, cured, and preserved elements. They prepare stellar dishes for social events, from canapés to full meals.